TA0111: The Serengeti Grasshopper

The Serengeti Grasshopper

Michael Anthony Scott

Michael Scott

Serengeti Grasshopper is an anthropological look at human nature through the eyes of three delightful animals living in the Serengeti. We find the newly born grasshopper jubilantly discovering and enjoying life, and immediately uncovering life’s hardships when he becomes hungry. Food is a new experience for him, and he does not understand the basic concepts of nutrition for survival. Fortunately, an intelligent ant comes along, one versed in the psychological and social well-being of animals living in the Serengeti. Not only does the ant show the grasshopper what to do to survive, he provides a more philosophical understanding of the hard rules of life on the Serengeti.

A dung beetle happens along flinging his prized lion’s dung and stops for an insightful discussion with the ant and grasshopper. We find the dung beetle has his own personal problems involving his marriage and his lack of understanding of the deeper psychological mechanism underpinning the marriage dynamic. The ant provides him with some valuable insight, again delving deeper into the problem to reach the foundational core of the issues involved. After a near death experience by an elephant, the three Serengeti animals become friends, and find their mutual talents cascading into wondrous adventures helping animals throughout the world.


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Michael Anthony Scott

Michael Anthony Scott is a writer, voice-over narrator, and executive producer for www.txhuoban.com. His goal is to provide THE GIFT OF KNOWLEDGE to everyone throughout the globe. He feels that classic literature and philosophy help develop insights to the modern world and helps develop reading and listening enjoyment and self-enrichment to anyone willing to participate.